How to Inspire Her…

I always say; and I will always say that, women are inspirational. First thing I when I’m meeting a woman is getting ready for inspiration. When you see a woman, you have definitely saw an inspiration. From personal experience, I have experienced a motherly love more than a fatherly love. When I grew up, my father had already gone to be with the Lord so my mother becomes my everything. My mother showed me love, how to love and to appreciate every woman. In a certain era, my mother passed away, and I was raised by my lovely Aunt. All I experienced in my childhood was the love from women. My life experiences showed me that, women are the best created beings in the world. They are a true inspiration.

I was greatly inspired by women and I have decided to live my life inspiring women. I want my fellow men to do the same. All men in designated areas, in pastorhood, in leadership, entrepreneurs, in journalism, in politics, etc, should respect women. They should not hurt them, they are mothers of our nation. They are inspirational.

A wife, a girlfriend and a sister, they should all be inspired. In this article, I will look on how boys can inspire their girlfriends. It is arguably that girlfriends have a wonderful way of bringing light and hope into our lives. Even the bible provided that, whosoever find a women, find a good thing. A GREAT Girlfriend is worthy your appreciation and your inspiration. This article will equip you with the means to inspire our girlfriends, to believe in themselves, feel beautiful and never let anyone steal their sparkle.

Being grateful for her and help remind her to be grateful too. One of the things that becomes difficult in our life these days is the presence of a real girlfriend. So once you find her, inspire her, show her gratitude. Thank her for being in your love life. Always show some gratitude for all the good memories and happy times, past experience and some beautiful times ahead. Thank her for remain true, faithful and for the gift of health or even the gift of precious time together. If you showed her some gratitude, she will do the same in double. Remember, women return whatever you give them multiplied. Mostly, make sure that on those days when she is feeling down, share your gratitude to her and faith that tomorrow will be a better day. When you do that, she will feel special and loved. Inspire her!

Being honesty is something that is very expensive in our generation. Every boy want to taste as many fruits as possible. They want to eat all that comes in their way. Hence if you can be unique and show her honesty, you have stolen her sparkle. Of course, she knows that, out there, girls are clamouring for her man. All she wants is the assurance that her man is there for her, he is appreciating her and love her a lot. Honesty is a greatest gift you can inspire her with. Stay honesty to her. Get her inspired.

One of the easiest thing in our live is to go negative but it is inspiring to be more positive. Be that boyfriend and friend to her, who takes the supportive, affirmative, sparkly and helps her see more good than the bad in everything. It is very cheapest to be positive, so time consuming than what it is when going the opposite direction. Positive mindset is the hub of fun. Every woman feel special and moved when her man brings more positives and funny than negatives. She feels so safe when she is around a positive minded men. Stay positive. Inspire her.

It is 100% proven that every woman desire a caring man rather that a rich aggressive man. Be the caring lad that she will find a heaven in you. sometimes she will tell you that, she is not feeling well not because you are a doctor or nurse, only that, she knows you care for her. Make it just about her most of the time. Don’t make it about you and what’s going on in your life, make it about her. Make her the most priority. When you show her that you care for her, she will feel special. She gets inspired!

There is a say, good men are difficult to find because they are out there making some money. Yes! Good man are out there hustling so they can come and provide for their families. Make her understand that you are doing ‘this’ that is why you are difficult to find. However, after work, be available to her. Women are mostly known for being attention seekers, show her some presence. Mostly, do/say/give her what makes the moment and memory special. For example, show her how special her friendship is to you! Remind her that ‘life is a beautiful ride’ with her as your friend! Be available to her, inspiring her. Make her want to stay in your life.
“Life is extraordinary when we are together. We perfect our imperfections. We look beautiful together.”

Being thoughtful and kind is something that should be free, natural and be a daily practice. Emotional psychologists love to say; it takes a moment to be thoughtful and kind. Inspire her all the time by being there for her on a bad day. Empower her when she is feeling down. Be a good listener, women need a man who understood them. Be very kind by making her laugh, smile and laugh again. Inspire her by going an extramile in your relationship.

7. Give her INSPIRING Gifts
Last but not least, women love tangible things more that unforeseen ones. I have a rule that, whenever I’m meeting my girlfriend, I brought her something no matter how small. Usually, I brought her apples because she is the lover of apples. Make it a point to shower inspiring gifts to her. Women desire a man who can assure them that, in the future he is going to provide for them and the family. Therefore, buying her gifts is one of the assurance of what they desire to see. However, you should never give them anything you’d give your mom, a random co- worker or your sister. Gifts for her should be simple, personal and meaningful, something that will evoke some love sparkling or affection in your relationship. A gift of showing the love you have for her. Gifts that inspires her.

“The brightness of my day doesn`t depend on the amount of sunshine. Everything depends on your smile.” –



  1. This was absolutely beautiful! Why are more people not appreciating it? I must share it on my blog and maybe another reader may see it and enjoy.

    Is English not your first language? With the utmost respect, I say that I do see a few things my critical editing eye would fix, but the heart of your message shines through with perfect intentions.

    Thank you for what you have shared. I especially liked the mention of giving her an apple if that is what she likes.


      1. Anyone who even attempts to learn English when it is not their native language deserves a medal. My dad was one of them. Some of my friends couldn’t understand what he was saying so they’d ask me to interpret. I knew his accent.

        Good on you for learning!


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